Lisa Goe 

Singer/ Songwriter/ Artist/ Actor/ Queen/ Believer in the impossible


Singer Songwriter Lisa Goe is a Santa Barbara native turned Nashville local.  Lisa has continued as an independent songwriter working with writers/ artists/ labels such as Brian Kennedy, Sonia Leigh, & Capitol Records. Best known for cowriting Ernie Halter's song COME HOME TO ME, later covered by Justin Bieber, Lisa has continued in her passion of writing for other projects as well as her new project, KOYOKE


 Living in Nashville since 2008, she has become a "goe to" gal in the ever changing town of Music City. July of 2016, Lisa was feeling a lack of support in the music she was most focused on ie Pop music. Popoff Nashville was born in July 2016 with singer/ songwriter companion Thomas Daniel. The first meet up was meant to be a small gathering of 50 people. 200 people showed up.  Each event has grown and the pop music community of Nashville has continued to show their support in making Nashville's Music City not just Country music. 


Projects/Cuts/ Whats coming next..

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Written by:Kennedy Noel,Lisa Goe, Brian Hitt



WRITTEN BY: Lisa Goe, Stephen Schmuldt

Performed by: KOYOKE 


RELEASED 8/17/17



Popoff Nashville

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Mtv undressed

Koyoke : Thing Called Love

THEME SONG for MTV new game show Undressed

Air date: 8/16/ 017



P5e: Skipping Stones 

Lisa Goe featured vocal 




Sung by: Allie Odom

Aired: 2/22/2017


Girlfriends Guide to Divorce: Rush

Lisa Goe, Allie Odom, Savvy Giersch, Shmarx


Daphne Willis: TMI

written by: Lisa Goe & Daphne Willis 

Come Home to Me Baseball Tee

COME HOME TO ME Baseball Tee

A portion of the proceeds go to Creativets and the healing of Veterans.